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Screw feeder


Granular packaging machine vibration screw feeder can lift a variety of powder and granular materials, can be matched with our packaging machine to achieve level tracking automatic feeding, or it can be used alone in other occasions. Except for motors and bearings, the rest are made of stainless steel.

· The feeding machine adopts dual motors: the feeding motor and the vibration motor are separated separately and controlled by each switch.

· It adopts the material box vibration and adjustable amplitude, the material is not easy to bridge, and the ability to adapt to the material is strong.

· The material box and auger are designed as separate type, with reasonable structure and easy loading and unloading.

· In order to facilitate the cleaning of residual materials, the spiral design can reverse the discharge, the gate of the material tube has a gate to discharge, and the entire spiral can be easily unloaded, installed, and cleaned.

Technical Parameters


5 cubic meters / hour

Tank volume

230 liters

power supply

Three-phase 380/220V 50-60Hz

Total power


Total Weight


Bin shape


Feeding height

1800mm from the ground (other heights can be customized)





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